Tuesday, March 16, 2010

that good old windy city

Two weeks ago I jetted off to Chicago to meet the most recent addition to the Burch family, our newest grandson Ben. He is number 6 for the Chicago Burches and just about one of the most gorgeous little babies I have ever seen.

It was so wonderful to see all the kids and help out in any way I could. I do have to laugh at the memories it brings back to me toting around so many kids. One morning I decided to take all 5 kids out for the day to leave Sara and Ben home to rest. Sara had turned me on to this idea for Lent of 40 bags in 40 days (a fabulous idea for anyone, whether you recognize Lent or not). The idea is to really clean out your house of all the stuff your family doesn't need or use anymore and attempt to fill 40 bags to go to Goodwill or even the garbage. We decided while I was there we were going to give it a start and clean out the kids drawers, closets and the laundry room. We headed to Target first where we found the perfect baskets to begin our organization. They, of course, didn't have enough, so we were off to the next nearest Target for more (with the necessary potty stops, granola bar and juice box fixes and green tea for G.G.). Target no.2 did not have what we were looking for, so we had to settle for something else. Last stop for our organizing needs was the Container Store, then we were off to the mall. How quickly I had forgotten the sheer number of bathroom breaks you must take when out with 5 kids. In the middle of trying on clothes at the Gap, the youngest looks at me and says he has to go to the bathroom (again). I ask the oldest if he will run him down to the bathroom, so the girls can finish trying on clothes. Sure, no problem. The youngest waits, looks back at me and says, "Is he gonna wipe me?" I get a look from the oldest like, "Hey, I didn't sign up for that." So, once again, we pack everyone up and it's off to the bathroom with all of us. I get into the stall with the little guy who matter-of-factly looks at me and says, "This is gonna be a while." One thing is for sure, you never stop laughing.

The rest of the trip was filled with delicious food in Chinatown, a visit to the Garfield park conservatory, plenty of organizing (we cleaned out all the kids drawers and closets and completely organized the laundry room!) and lots of family time.

One of my favorite stops along the way was shopping at some very cool salvage stores in Chicago, Salvage One and Urban Remains. Everything we looked at was amazing. Keep your eye out at the Willows for some fabulous items like these...

Chicago is one of those great cities that always has something wonderful to do or somewhere new to visit, but best of all was just the time spent with these wonderful grandkids that I don't get to see nearly enough (oh, and brian and sara. you guys, too).


Unknown said...

thanks for the shout-out! Sorry about all the bathroom trips:) come back to Chicago soon! (everybody)

The Willows said...

no apologies! i loved every second of it!


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