Friday, July 25, 2008

We were in the Willows kitchen the other day talking about market and laughing at some of the stories and experiences of the past. We recalled the time one of us (not naming names!) took out an entire sunglass display in the Dallas airport with "rollie" our rolling backpack. Not pretty! Also the time we got on the Bus from our hotel in Vegas to go to market and the bus driver had NO idea where she was going! We literally circled every parking lot in Vegas for an hour! FUN! It got us to talking about one of the highlights (a good one) of this year's trip which was truly awesome.
To set the scene: We were hungry and had luckily swooped on a table to eat at - trust me; swoop is what you have to do at market! It is a very stealth process! We had ordered our cherished Sauvignon Blanc, and Bev was ruthlessly going through paper work and asking me "are you sure we need 72 mini glitter houses?" "Are you sure about that new bamboo lingerie that you tried to steal will sell?" I was going into my normal catatonic state after a day at market when I noticed it was getting ridiculously loud in the corner of the bar. Wow, these women -about fifteen of them - were having way too much fun! We kept waiting and waiting for our food, and it just kept getting louder in the corner. I'm not sure if it was lack of food or my empty wine glass, but darn they were noisy! I had just said to Bev, "they must all be from one of the show rooms" when I saw her face. Before I could get out, "hey BB I think that's Debbie the owner of Curious Sofa", BB was out of her chair running to her side (and I do mean running)! You see, we read Debbie's blog every chance we get. We literally melted the first time we saw her store website. From that day forward, we have been serious "Curious Sofa" addicts. After BB asked for her autograph (just kidding), she kindly invited us to join the "party". Wow, we met some of the most awesome women! Some of them were shop owners and others were artists. We had some of the most wonderful conversations! It was truly exhilarating to meet and talk to other women who have some of the same passions we do. So, in the end those noisy women in the corner ended up being our biggest "wow" moment from Atlanta, and we were so grateful to meet each and every one of them!

Debbie, Bev and Karen
Check out Debbie's amazing site and blog at
Check out also Karen's website (another one of the amazing women we met) at

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello all!

Well, after a 5am flight and a detour to Alabama due to thunderstorms, we finally landed in beautiful "green" Hot-lanta. Since our first day was already shot, we planned to hit the ground running on Friday. We certainly did! It’s amazing how days became a haze and the MAZE (trust me it is) that is the Atlanta Mart became our home away from home for the next five days.
The first few days are usually always spent visiting some of our favorite showrooms and Vendors! This year was no different with lots of pleasant surprises from some of our favorites: amazing details on French chairs(nail heads and grommets),

beautiful as always lamps and chandeliers,
and oh my gosh, the amazing new washed embroidered velvet from Bella Notte will blow your mind. Velvet seemed to be the theme on many pieces at market. A true show stopper was this beautiful fainting sofa (and we did faint over it!).
As the days followed and our feet began to ache, we continued to find little gems. We are super excited about the beautiful gift items we picked up including dupioni plaid silk cosmetic bags and reader cases with monograms no less! I was literally doing a dance when we found an amazing new holiday candle line - spiced apple and pumpkin that will fill your home with that holiday coziness! Speaking of the holidays, (can’t believe they are right around the corner) we put the finishing touches on the "magic" we are hoping to create for you. Wait until you see our witches hat to adorn your table or your head! Thanks for modeling for us BB.

On Tuesday it was Viva Miami Florida (don’t ask!) Then we happily made our way back to all those we love here in AZ. With a few delays along the way we had time to sit and reflect on all the beautiful things we bought for all of you. We can honestly say this was one of the best markets ever and we can't wait to share all our new GOODIES with our friends at the Willows.
XOXO Bev and Lisa

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're off to Market!

Hi! Bev and Lisa here! Well we are on our way to Atlanta! Off to the hustle and bustle of market - how exciting! Our flight was super early so first stop is at the nearest coffee shop for some much needed caffeine! Then it's off to see what's new in furniture, lighting and accessories! Don't think there is nothing new at the store however, no no no! New items are still coming in daily, and the Willowettes are waiting for your visit! The store just received a great shipment of bamboo sheets - divine! Stop by and get inspired, or just stop by for some bottled water and a break from the Arizona heat! We will do our best to keep you all updated on our fabulous finds and stories while we are here!


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