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Introducing  the Willows Design Team :
Beverly Burch, Willows store owner and visionary,  
Susan Rose, with an eye for beautiful objects and an eclectic aesthetic to put it all together, she has developed a very successful design business over the last 25 years.
Maggie VanDyke, the energetic, organized, and supportive  driving force.
These three women have come together, culminating in a unique  collaboration of creativity.

How does the process work?
It begins with Listening.  We recognize that each client's desires and needs are specific to their lifestyle.  Our designers know that listening is a crucial part of crafting a distinctive style for each home.  After previewing the home and hearing what the client wants,… we develop our ideas into a Plan.
We offer a wide range of design services.  We can design an entire home or merely rearrange and re-purpose with the client’s existing objects.

The proper scale of furniture, the placement of each accessory, the inter-play of textures and layering, and the color tones become the framework for the scope of each project.
Editing, and Organizing are crucial in helping us to define your vision.       
We love incorporating  textured elements, architectural finds, beautiful mixtures, and essentials, that can be rustic yet elegant. All of these elements come together to define the space, as well as paint a memorable reflection of  personal style that our client’s love living in and sharing with friends and family.  The Willow’s design team strives to bring an individualized look to each client’s home which is truly a reflection of them. 
These changes can happen all at once, or slowly over a period of time. Our goal in working with our clients is for their home to be just as functional as it is beautiful.  

The objective of the Willow’s design team is to build a strong foundation for Phoenix women and their families by helping them to create a beautiful and inspired home environment.  This is why so many of our clients have come to us for design, and have remained as our friends.

Phone: (602) 334-1345

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Deanna said...

Yes you can and I will be a reference for you any day. You have done an amazing job at my home. I can't thank you enough!


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