Thursday, April 21, 2011


With our beloved Chestnut Lane gone, I was so glad to see something else open up in that charming little spot on Camelback.  I stopped in to Carmel's last week and love how they have taken the space and made it their own.  It is the perfect neighborhood coffee spot - exactly what we need more of in Phoenix.  Forget your starbucks, folks.  Get out and support your local coffee shops (I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it, support your locals!).  Carmel's serves Cartel Coffee (ahh, reminds me of Palatte...), they have delicious pastries (oh, the apple pie!) and are planning to add to the menu here and there.  I met the owner when I stopped in and was trying to convince him that they should stay open late as an after dinner dessert and drinks spot...  wouldn't that be the greatest?  Anyway, everyone should stop in and check them out!  Tell them we sent you!

Oh, and it's named after his mother.  How sweet is that?

Well, I am planning to take tomorrow and the weekend off to relax with my family and prepare for Easter, so I will see you back here Monday!  Hope everyone has a joyous and wonderful Easter!

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