Thursday, April 28, 2011

garden boxes

For Easter this year I made each family a little garden box full of herbs planted in these vintage boxes I picked up at the flea market.  I sent the Chicago Burches all the fixings in the mail, but put together everyone else's to give to them on Easter.  I lined the bottom of each box with some kind of moss-something-or-another from Baker Nursery (sorry, I can't seem to remember what it was called, but the wonderful folks at Baker will surely know what you need...).  

Then I simply filled each box with dirt and planted all the herbs side by side...

I think they turned out so sweet and everyone seemed so excited about them.  Don't you think this would be the best present to give someone as a housewarming gift?  I know I would love it...


Barbara Jean said...

Love these!
Thanks for how to's.

barbara jean

Rhonda said...

You are so kind to show us how you created your lovely garden boxes.

I love them!!!

Rhonda of alittlebitfrench blog

Kelly said...

What flea markets do you go to in PHX? Love your blog. I can't wait to come to your shop sometime. (Is it kid-friendly? I usually have 3 kids in tow.)


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