Friday, September 12, 2008


Our famous pumpkins are back! For those of you who have bought these in the past...they are FABULOUS this year! We made our first annual trip of the fall to our "Pumpkin Lady" i.e. our amazingly talented friend Lynne! Ok, so we always have too much fun oohing and aahhing over the awesome new fabrics she has every year. I try not to have too much coffee before I go just so I don't get overly excited about how cute all the new baby pumpkins are! I am always suprised at the new colors and textures Lynne comes up with. One of my all time favorites was made from a vintage Carol Little wool sweater! I happen to own that one :).... These pumpkins make the most beautiful fall vignettes. Just setting a couple on my cake stand on my kitchen island makes me smile. They look wonderful under a cloche as well! One of our clients has a fall cornucopia on her dining room table with all the beautiful velvet pumpkins pouring out. I will try to share a picture with all of you! Truly a way to bring a little fall to your bungalow here in good ole hot AZ...



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