Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Serving 100

If you are planning on having lots of family over for Thanksgiving like we are, you will want to replenish your serving pieces. Why not make your table beautiful with Vietri's Incanto collection filled with stripes, olive leaves, lace and baroque? All pieces are hand-crafted Italian pieces that are dishwasher and microwave safe*. Best of all, this white collection looks fabulous mixed with any existing colors you may have lying around in your cupboards. Why not make the presentation of your meal just as memorable as the meal itself? Maybe this way they won't hold it against you if you overcook the turkey.

*careful loading and energy cycle recommended for dishwasher. Dishware may be hot when taken out of microwave.

Why not even go out on a limb and spruce up that guest bathroom of yours? Your loved ones will thank you! Preview Vietri's exquisite bathrooom Incanto pieces.

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