Monday, December 29, 2008

Packing up the holiday STUFF!

I don't think I'm alone when I say I kind of enjoy the after Christmas "cleanse". Suddenly with the tree gone, the garland gone, and the millions of other decorations packed away, I remember that I actually do have quite a bit of room in my house! That is until Christmas break is over and normal chaos sneaks its way back onto the countertops and into the family room. This is why I so enjoy taking the time to really clean after Christmas. Here are a few tips to get the house clean this year and save you time and energy next holiday season!

1) Instead of just shoving everything back in boxes, really decide what holiday decorations you love and which ones have seen a little too much love. Then go buy some durable storage containers (I got mine at Walmart for $5 a piece and they are HUGE!) and pack in groupings that make sense to you. Labels always help as well! This will save you time and hassle for next year's unpacking.

(Zoe packing up the gift wrap for next year)

2) Make a donation pile. I find that when I'm making room in the garage for storage, I usually find at least a few items that are no longer being used. Don't just leave things sitting in the garage - if you haven't used it for over a year, you probably won't ever use it! One person's trash is another person's treasure - so donate it! Donating is a great way to make room in the kid's rooms as well. A great idea before moving all the new presents into the bedroom is to ask your children to bring out a few of their old toys or clothes that they would like to give for a child who may need it more then them. The best time to clear out the old is when your child is distracted by all the new goodies!

3) Clean out that fridge! With all the holiday entertaining, it is easy to end up with more tupperware in the fridge than you know what to do with. Resign to the fact that Aunt Susie's meatloaf is probably not going to be eaten two weeks later and throw it out! This is a great time to just scrub the shelves, check expiration dates, and, heck clean up the pantry while you're at it. You'll feel much better about your New Year's resolution diet with a clean slate to start with!

4) Lastly, enjoy the fruits of your labor and relax in your freshly organized house.

(Zoe takes a nap after a hard day's work!)

We hope 2009 is your best year yet!

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