Friday, January 9, 2009

Sharing the Spotlight

While we'd like to pretend that every great idea we ever come up with just comes to us in our sleep - and some do for Bev! - we have to admit that we find inspiration for the store from all over. We are constantly bombarding our desks with magazines, books and any other tidbit or antique we may find useful in creating a story for the store. Nowadays with the internet, it's amazing the wealth of inspiration that is at our fingertips. Even other blogs become inspiring - and we hope you read our favorites listed at the bottom of our page!

Lisa just found a new blog she loves - and amazingly enough, one of our dishware lines was featured in her January 8 post! Check out the beautiful picture of Christopher Jagmin's plates on the wall!
You can go to this site at

Remember, we still have our White Sale going on! Come get great bedding 50% off only through tomorrow! Here are some gorgeous inspirational ideas to get you in the mood for a bedroom makeover!

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