Friday, May 15, 2009

Candle Connaisseurs

Being in business for over 11 years now, we consider ourselves to be candle connaisseurs of sorts. We were thrilled when we found how Votivo scents filled a room, we were overjoyed when we found soy-based wonders like our Fresh Linen candles, and we even sprang for the reusable glass-jar candles we found in New York.

However, it is not until now that we have truly, truly fallen in love with a candle.

Introducing our new soy-based hand-poured, small batch triple scented candles (wow, that's a mouth-full!). The candles are even double-wicked for a clean and balanced burn. It's amazing they can pack all that punch into one tiny candle!

We have have wonderful scents ($35 each) to choose from:

Refreshing & clean with notes of agave nectar, lilly & soft woods

Soft & clean perfect for spring with fresh grass & sweet violets

Luscious Japanese grapefruit, exotic fruits & watery greens

Sophisticated & herbal with patchouli, vanilla & lime

Lemony & green floral-herbal blend that is clean & complex

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