Friday, December 18, 2009

Chestnut Lane

You know those places and things that you love so much that you don't even have to use the full name and people already know what you are talking about? Like S-bucks? A new Louis? Well, Chestnut (Chestnut Lane) has just joined that category as the most talked about restaurant/bakery in Arcadia. The owner, Polly, is truly a genius in the kitchen, and the kindest person you will ever meet! It is truly amazing to us that food can be that addictive - we literally wake up craving their scones every morning, and their oatmeal is talked about at least once a day at The Willows. Whenever we can, we Willowettes grab a lunch of lobster cobb salad and prosciutto and brie sandwich on an MJ baguette - this lunch will make you feel like you are in Paris. In fact, you may find yourself buying a plane ticket after you eat it.

And just take a look at their holiday goodies!

You can find their full menu here.
We know you will enjoy Chestnut as much as we do! Let their wonderful staff help you treat your family and friends for the holidays!

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