Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Kitchen Remodel - Part One

Here are the before pictures of Bev's kitchen that is getting a complete transformation! The best news is we want you all to be a part of it! We will be periodically asking for your feedback and advice - and prizes will be involved! So make sure you stay tuned!

Here is the list of changes in store for this kitchen:

-white marble countertops

-new white cabinets with more storage including pull-out flour and sugar cabinets and deep drawers for pots and pans

-red brick floors - goodbye travertine!

-new appliances including a new subzero fridge, 2 dishwashers and industrial ice maker

-butlers pantry in the laundry room

-desk in the kitchen

-farm sink

-what suggestions do you have?


Velvet and Linen said...

I love all of your ideas!
Could you do some open shelves instead of upper cabinets?
Looking forward to seeing the finished project!


The Willowettes said...

thank you- that was a great suggestion! The open shelves are in the works so far with iron like you would see in a french pastry shop! My builder seems to have a restaurant connection...so keeping my fingers crossed!
What do you think about using that gray granite over by the cooktop instead of white marble? Is that gray granite honed?

Mely said...

Remodeling...how exciting! Just throwing out some ideas...I think the brick floor will be neat! I think it would look nice in a herringbone pattern. I'm thiking a light colored brick with a weathered look.

If you're going to change the island, I would make it larger and do one big rectangular shape and would go with a light silver sage or powder blue color for the cabinets. I think that would be a nice contrast between the brick and the carrera.

You currently have the desk by the corner, but what if you added a mini bar sink with lots of open storage all the way along the wall where you can store drinkware etc.?...cabinets in a criss-cross pattern would be nice as well so you can put wine bottles.

Now, we would still have to address the desk area if you did a mini bar and you could use the current coffee bar area as the new desk area. I would do this by NOT adding a couple of the bottom cabinets in the middle, but still keeping the carrera marble seamless with the other countertops. In this same area, I think it would be neat to add sconces on each side of the wall.

I don't know if you're thinking of changing the SS hood, but I think you can warm up the space with a wood hood where you could incorporate a mantle...painted white of course. One last touch would be to have a seating area with a settee and a couple of wingback chairs situated right in front of the island. Of course, this would only work in the right space, but it is hard to tell what's on the other side of the kitchen. I assume this is where the dining table is situated? If the space is right, it would be nice to have a small desk budded up against the back of the settee.

I'm sure that whatever you decide to do will be amazing! Thanks for letting us be a part of this and best of luck! Can't wait to see new pics of the progress!

Unknown said...

you could add a pet feeding station in the end of the island, build the dog dishes right in!!

igreenyougreen said...

Wow, I say leave the kitchen as is. It's gorgeous! Relax, enjoy the company of good friends, wine, and family and donate the remodel money to a much needy cause such as the Haiti relief. I think the materialistic lifestyle is fast becoming politically incorrect. "Too whom much is given, much will be expected".

stylewannabee said...

I agree, your "before" kitchen seems pretty nice. Can I have your old counter tops and cabinets. Your remodel guy can bring them over and start right away.

Christine said...

Your kitchen is so great! I love nothing more than a kitchen remodel, so I totally appreciate the re-doing of a kitchen that others already view as an "after". Even small changes can sometimes have a huge impact on how you feel in your kitchen. I think the white marble will really brighten up your space. I also agree with Mely, I think a weathered or even painted brick treatment would be great....maybe even on the walls? Just a thought, they are beautiful as is, and will be great witht the new floors. Can't wait to see your afters.

Gail said...

Love it as-is! I thought your pic was the "after"!


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