Monday, May 10, 2010

a monday (day after mother's day) basket

I was reminiscing last week about the first time my oldest son's wife, Sara, came to visit us at the beach. Brian was in full-blown "courting" mode and absolutely everything needed to be perfect for Sara. He was so particular about everything being just so, down to when he specifically told me, "Mom, the coffee must be in a nice pot." So, I played the whole scene out. As they ate their breakfast on the front patio, I brought them out coffee in a "nice pot" and helped pay attention to every little detail that Brian was so concerned about. We have laughed about this many times since, but this last week, with Mother's Day approaching, I realized what I would love to give all my girls is a day like that again. Watching them with their kids, just trying to drink that coffee before it gets cold or (even worse) spilled, I would love nothing more than to treat them to a beautiful (quiet) morning of breakfast on the front patio with their coffee served in a "nice pot." Unfortunately, I am sorry to say, that nice coffee pot is broken... how about a Starbucks (or Lola, or LGO, etc.) in the meantime? Then I started thinking, for as much as they all deserve that nice coffee pot, it isn't going to change all that you have waiting for you on Monday morning. Thus, in honor of embracing motherhood and the stage of life you are in at this moment, I decided to put together a little "Monday (day after Mother's Day) Basket." Mondays can sometimes be a little daunting, with the fun of the weekend coming to a halt and not getting many of those chores done that are now staring you in the face. That laundry you ignored while being pampered on Mother's Day... it was still there when you woke up this morning, right? This is our life, but we should embrace it and try to bring joy and happiness to the little things that can start to feel monotonous in our lives. I decided a new white shirt and some new shoes will make you feel up for anything Monday morning. Throw your things in your new bag to take the kids to school or the little ones on a walk. Laundry is more fun with some amazing (and beautifully packaged) laundry soap. And when those hands are dry from washing too many dishes, use your new lotion to make yourself feel fresh again. I think every mom needs a Monday Basket. So, hang bunting over your washing machine, find a bright happy sign to frame in your kitchen and put fresh flowers on your breakfast table. Throw on some high heels and a tiara! Onward, Monday!

A very, very Happy Mother's Day to all my girls! And a very Happy Mother's Day to all of you!
Did anyone get anything absolutely wonderful? Any amazing surprises or thoughtful gifts? My son Peter did all of his wife's laundry and ironing - happy Monday to her! (I guess she doesn't need the Monday Basket...). And my son-in-law gave my daughter Christine an envelope of money and dropped her off at the mall to buy anything she wanted - talk about a treat! (The red shoes she bought, I am seriously considering stealing...).

What about you? How was your day?


Rosanne said...

We went to the Diamondbacks game, (boo they lost)then came home and watched the Suns game(yay they won!)That's what you do when you have boys. I wonder if mothers of girls went and had a mani, pedi and went shopping.

TSL said...

Pretty much uneventful on Sunday, but a lovely brunch on Saturday! Your post was very lovely.

Junaid said...

I love the way you have presented this basket to us. One of the beautiful basket I have ever seen in my entire life.

Kariane said...

I was going through your old posts and I feel compelled to tell you I thought this was beautiful. The reflective thought that went into this can only come from being a mother yourself. I too am a mother of two young kids and so often I find I am up to my eyeballs in the daily tasks of "mommy-ing". A simple thing of just having a new, clean white shirt is such a lovely, unseemingly luxury. I remember a time when I was talking with my grandmother about the day to day chores and she advised me that when I would feel low to put on a fresh blouse, brush my hair and put on some lipstick. Then everything wouldn't seem so bad. (Interestingly enough, this was also her advice for convincing my husband to relinquish some of the garage to me...) Your post reminded me of how such simple acts can drastically change one's outlook. Thank you. I think I'll go stock up on a few new t-shirts.


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