Monday, September 6, 2010

some random pictures and a couple notes...

First of all, we are going to start having a new promotion at the Willows every Tuesday with all tanks and tees being 25% off through the end of the year! So, come see us for T-Shirt Tuesdays! Remember, Tuesdays only!

We are also starting a new blog feature called "Women Who Inspire" all about amazing women with amazing talents who inspire us in their daily living and craft. We hope to be featuring a new woman every Wednesday for the next few months (and then some, if we keep finding inspiring women...). Know someone you think is inspiring? Send us an email! We are so excited about our first feature this wednesday, so be sure to come check her out!

We also wanted to give a little thanks to a couple places we noticed that have given us some love in the blog world lately... Greige (one of our new favorite blogs!) and the always popular, always fantastic Heather Bullard. Thank you so much ladies! If you notice anyone else linking to us, let us know! We would love to thank them, too!

And lastly, Happy Labor Day! (Hope no one forgets we are closed today!) Hopefully you are all doing something wonderfully relaxing. I didn't have any pictures to post for today, so I just grabbed some old ones off my computer.... that's why they don't really have anything to do with my post :)


Kris and Jen said...

We love your blog, your store, and your pictures of your house! So much so that we linked to you here:
Your kitchen is amazing.
I(Jen) live about 2 minutes from the Willows and when my sister is in town we make a beeline to your store as it is a constant source of inspiration.

Deserae said...

Beautiful pics...I love the bicycle with charming!

Amanda said...

She is probably too humble to agree to it, but I would love to "nominate" my friend Bethany Miller for your "Women who Inspire" series. She is a brilliant lawyer, mother, crafter and writer (I barely manage one of those titles).
Amanda Hines

linda t said...

Oh my gosh, I love your store and LOVE your blog. So of course I've blogged about your store, so everyone would know of this Arizona treasure!


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