Wednesday, December 22, 2010

white elephant

This year for our Willows' Christmas party we decided we would all go out to eat and end the night at my house for dessert (and drinks) and an always entertaining white elephant gift exchange. We teamed up with the lovely crew from Healy Bea and all met for dinner at the Parlor, which, as expected, was delicious. Then we all headed over to my house to pile into my living room with cake, coffee (bailey's or kahlua?) and some mighty interesting white elephant gifts. Needless to say, we had loads of laughs and lots of fun. The holidays can certainly be crazy, but I love the reminder of how important and wonderful it is to surround yourself with friends and family... and laughter.

oh, and do you like my cute little party favors?

We did a pretty good job on dessert...

And the girls from the store surprised me with this lovely gift...

Thanks, ladies! It sure was a lot of fun!


Julia said...

My daughter lives in Scottsdale...I just discovered your blog. I am coming to find your store next time I'm there....I want to be your friend. Please don't let this creep you out. haha. Julia

BriarRose said...

Love your blog and your store. You are helping my little tract house become a home. I have gotten great ideas from the pics of your home. I finally found one of the burlap chandeliers to put over my island. Of course that lead to painting brand new dark wood cabinets white (my husband thinks I'm crazy)....but it looks beautiful and we both really like it. So anyway, I just had to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Debra


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