Friday, January 21, 2011

print is not dead

Remember this fantastic magazine I told you we were selling in the store...

and did I tell you how much we all really, really love it?

Well, check out this super cute little video promo for Anthology Magazine.  It's called Print Is Not Dead.  And I sure hope print isn't dead, because what would we all do without magazines?

Print Is Not Dead from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...


Print isn't dead, nor is it dying. I just read an article the other day on why publications are flopping on iPads, etc. That is not how people want to read magazines and newspapers. They THINK that's what they want, until they do it and they realize it's not fulfilling.

It's the same thing with Internet magazines. I try to like Lonny, really I do, but all I do is flip through the pages in about 5 minutes. I've not read one word, other than possibly trying to find a source for a product. It's just not enjoyable to me. But when House Beautiful shows up in my mailbox, well that's cause for celebration. I run inside, feed the pets as quickly as possible, pour a big glass of wine and I'm lost for at least an hour until I have to get back to real life and I can return to my magazines later.

There will be no substitute for that kind of experience.

The Willows said...

here, here! nothing will ever replace our magazines!

Unknown said...

hello bev!

i just sat down to check out your fun blog, and can i say i am in love with your house, your store, your family. darling!!

so happy i was able to meet you at alt!

keep in touch!



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