Friday, June 3, 2011

the pizza grill is here!

I'm just back from a little getaway to Carmel, quite possibly the most relaxing and romantic place on the planet.  I will share more of it next week, but for the weekend, let me leave you with this...  Have you seen the pizza grill at the Willows yet?  It is the absolute coolest.  You can even put it right on the beach over a fire.  Have you tried grilling pizzas before?  I think they always turn out so delicious, I can't seem to get enough!  We will definitely be trying the pizza grill on the beach this summer and I'm gonna bet when you see how magical it is, you will be so sad you didn't run down and get one for yourself.  Stop on by the shop and take a look!

1 comment:

Rosanne said...

Yummy. I love pizza on our grill, (gas grill)... I can only imagine what it would be like over an open fire on the beach. Pure heaven!


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