Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and just like that its gone...

Is Christmas really over?  I honestly cannot believe it.  Several weeks ago now, we had our family Christmas party with an outrageous scavenger hunt, dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, delicious desserts and a gift exchange back home.  It is always so fun to have a night all together, just adults to eat, drink and laugh like crazy.  Unfortunately, I don't really have any pictures of the scavenger hunt, but I'm not so sure we should share all that craziness anyway.  From there it was one thing to the next straight through until Christmas and then off to California for a week to ring in the new year.  With the madness that is always the holidays between family and the store, then throw on top some other things we had going on in our lives, the time has just flown by.  And this poor little blog has been neglected through it all.  So, hopefully the New Year will find us some time to get things going around here again.  Did you miss us?  We missed you!  

1 comment:

Georgia Gibbons said...

I do miss your posts when you are gone. I check in every couple of days. Your store is very encouraging and inspiring. Happy New Year!!!


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