Wednesday, March 7, 2012

joan of arc

For those of you familiar with our shop, you will surely know how much we love the amazing magazine Jeanne d'Arc Living.  In a recent edition they had a beautiful article about Joan of Arc and why they named their magazine after her.  To share just a few of their lovely words...

"When we use her name in connection with our enterprise, it is first of all with the greatest feeling of respect for this remarkable woman.  But it is also because she demonstrated bravery and a force of character from which we can all learn something - even 600 years later.  We should all have the courage to carve out our own path and dare to stand apart from the crowd."

I love that at the very heart of this magazine, beyond all the beautiful images and inspiring design, is something more.  It really is a magazine for strong women.  We are all drawn together by these beautiful things, but we also desire "the courage to carve out our own path."  And that is where we need to all come together and help one another.  I long to see more women supporting each other.  If we could all agree to get rid of the gossip and the pettiness, then think how we would all succeed.  We need to come together and set a better example for our daughters and granddaughters.  I think we should all choose to be inspired by Joan of Arc.

And while on the subject of my favorite magazine, if you are interested in ordering it from afar, you can do so right here in our online shop.  We are also going to start offering subscriptions to the magazine on an annual basis, so it will come right to your door with each new edition.  For more information on this, please call the store or email us at  I promise, you will fall in love with each and every issue!

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jewels in the garden +: ) said...

Joan of Arc is a true inspiration. Imagine what she would think of gossip and pettiness. Two things that definitely come from jealousy and competition. If we each created our own path these would be eliminated. That doesn't mean we don't share and learn from each other just don't try to outdo each other. What a wonderful world it would be! Thank you for a wonderful post! Julie


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