Tuesday, May 22, 2012

weekend silver

I made these "silverware" holders for a girlfriend of mine as a little gift.  I like to call them "weekend silver" (like my old favorite plastic cups "weekend waterford"), as they are the perfect little addition to a picnic or meal at the beach.  I sewed them up, added a little vintage fabric scrap and numbered them, then filled them up with napkins and silver plasticware.  And, done.  A perfect little summertime gift!

I also made a quick, easy paper version with wooden flatware for a luncheon or picnic...

What do you think?


The Sweet Road Home said...

I have never commented, but have always admired your creativity.

Your mind must never stop!

These are darling.

dianereeves said...

What a great idea, you are so great at turning the mundane into something thoughtful and pretty. I have noticed you use a lot of natural colored fabric. I really like the texture-is it a type of canvas?


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