Monday, July 30, 2012

my shop

Although I am having a wonderful time at the beach, taking long walks and eating delicious food, I can't help but miss my little shop when I am away for so long.
Have you been lately?  Stop by and tell the girls hello for me!


Rachel said...

I was in about a week ago and was surprised to see your mom still there, having thought she retired. She said she was working through the end of the month (which of course you know). I bought the trophy cup for the prize milking cow having longed for it for the last couple of months. This was the first time I'd really read the whole inscription, which said 1913 on it. I was so please with myself - a real antique trophy cup! When my husband got home he picked it up and looked at the bottom and said "hmm, made in India"! I still love it.

Anonymous said...

wow great..i love the photos specially the first one... great photography..air conditioning utah

AndeM1 said...

Oh good...your at the of the beach house, pretty please.......


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