Monday, December 31, 2012

merry christmas and happy new year!

My favorite Christmas present I received this year...

all i want for christmas from emily burch on Vimeo.

With every new year, I am more and more thankful for the gift of family!  What a blessing each and every one is!  Thankful to God and thankful for my family!
Love to all this New Year!


Tricia said...

What a talented group of grandchildren you have!

BurchFam said...

Very well done. Though I was definitely distracted by the guy in the turquoise pants. I think I saw him at the Cirque de Solei. Also the metrosexual in the background with the scarf was a nice touch.

MarySue said...

As I watched this GREAT video I started out smiling, a couple chuckles and by the end holding back tears. This was really a wonderful production of love. Thanks much for sharing.

Georgia Gibbons said...

just watched your video... what an awesome and talented family, and how blessed you must feel. The little ones were adorable.


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