Wednesday, January 30, 2013

traveling, traveling

This garden bench has the most amazing patina!

Will life ever slow down?  I have been to California twice and Atlanta once since the New Year and January isn't even over yet!  It's a busy time of year, but hopefully we found some of the best treasures from near and far to fill our store just for you!  Got off to a rainy start in Atlanta, but that didn't stand in our way.  We showed up at market at 7am only to find out we couldn't get in until 1:00...  what?!  Something about a new fire marshall.  No worries, we just decided to become vendors as well as buyers...  until Susan got kicked out and I denied knowing her (felt a little like Judas).  All was well in the end and we have some amazing new pieces coming to the shop!  We ran into Anne Park from Cornelia Park.  She should be very excited about all the Vera Bradley we saw people toting around at market!  Speaking of people at market, we noticed buyers usually travel in pairs and strangely enough, seem to dress alike.  Right down to their shoes!  I couldn't help but ask a handful of people if I could take pictures of their shoes.  Anything for a good laugh!  We already have some of these amazing new pieces in the shop, so come have a look!  

Landing in rainy Atlanta.
Gorgeous cutting boards.
Susan placing orders.
And placing more orders.
We snagged that awesome table!  Start your bids now!
On a hunt for the perfect leather chairs.
My fave travel snack and Susan's lunch.  Not much time for eating...
Susan's best find at market...  a chocolate lab.
Susan's fancy new headdress.
Modeling some fancy headwear.
Buyers and their shoes.  You could mix them all up and match them together with their buying partner!
Cowboy boots and regular boots.
Clogs, ready to run, and clean and white.

Good times were had!  Hope you all have had a good start to this new year!

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