Monday, March 24, 2014

cleo and clementine

I have to say, I think we are really lucky in Phoenix to have so many unique local shops and restaurants, and I love being able to support them. One of my favorites that my daughter Christine introduced me to a while back is the lovely Cleo and Clementine.  Attention all brides or anyone in need of a unique, one-of-a-kind dress!  This is a place you need to know about!  These dresses will make you drool and the shop itself is beyond darling.  My personal highlight was seeing her eight year old daughter making doll clothes in the back!  I wanted to sit down with her and join in.  7th Avenue is full of so many gems these days and this is definitely one you need to visit if you haven't yet.  Grab a coffee, hit up some vintage shops and stop in to Cleo and Clementine.  There, I just planned a lovely weekday morning for you :)  You're welcome.

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OUMA by Monique Sandoval

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