Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Changing Spaces

This is another post from shop girl Meg… She recently started the adventures of wedding-planning and we are going to take a peek inside her head (and home)!

I adore being at home. I feel instantly relieved when I walk through the door, observe the collections of cheerful objects, kick off my shoes and (quite literally) hop on the couch. Even with this affection for my space, I find myself itching for change. Sometimes it's the "scoot" of a bookshelf, moving a piece of art from one room to the next, or scouring design blogs for the latest and greatest in indoor succulent displays… There is nothing more fun! When girlfriends come over to visit, they have that unsettled look of disorientation after scanning the room for some semblance of familiarity!

Late one night this holiday weekend, I decided to transform my living room into a wedding planning space. I replaced a bookshelf - housing a collection of old books and my two typewriters - with my funky dining room table. I adorned the top with fresh flowers, all the necessary research and two, special photographs - one of my mother and one of my grandmother on their respective wedding days. I pushed my favorite chair up to the table and made a desk. And, I am loving it.
Look at that skirt! 
Any advice for Miss Meg? She has the date and the church, but that's about it! 
I have always preferred white or lavender roses to red… So much more romantic.

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