Friday, November 20, 2015

set the table

bringing family and friends together for the grand feast of thanksgiving can be one of the loveliest
days of the year to remember and treasure. i do love any chance i get to set a stunning table;
this is indeed the perfect occasion. 
bringing the outdoors in is always a win: 
pinecones, fresh pine leaves, eucalyptus, pumpkins, pomegranetes....endless possibilities!
we love the contrast with clean white dishes, and touches of silver and gold.

if you are in need of table ideas please stop by and let us help! 
we also love these tabletops for inspiration:

this mediterranean feast is simply beautiful in design and composition
many pretty ideas here for thanksgiving settings and christmas
a great use of color on apartment 34
this outdoor setting looks incredibly cozy
a pretty mix of copper and olive on 100 layer cake

we hope you have been inspired and wish you the 
best in thanksgiving planning! 
we'll be back soon with a sample menu. 
have a great weekend!!

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