Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have Fun with Furniture

Feeling afraid of reupholstering the couch white? Scared to put color on the wall? A little leery of going for that large crystal chandelier you secretly kind of covet? Relax and go for it! Decorating is meant to be fun - not a headache! Remember that time you bought those stilettos that were way too high for you but they made you feel so fierce? That's pretty much what the chandelier will do for you - but every single day.

Nate Berkus ( goes for it in his home featured in Elle Decor - check out the message written in chalk displayed as artwork! Genius! Also, I love his bravery in a picking a wild rug - and it works! Like what you see in the picture?
We may not show it in the store a lot but we do love leather when appropriate. Check out this Swedish Club Chair available for order.

We also love Nate's chest and oversized mirror idea between his large windows. Our versions are even more amazing if we do say so ourselves! Even our chest is mirrored! And check out our floor-length mirror in unfinished pine!
Something as fabulous as the tortoise shell on Nate's wall can only be ordered at The Willows. Seriously! Check out our version - available for order.

Afraid of white? Yes, I know - children, chocolate, and pets do not agree with the color - but just LOOK at it! This furniture line at Positive Space in Dallas makes you wonder what room in the house you can quarantine from stains to enjoy these fabulous pieces.

So, this weekend while the weather is nice - start those home projects! And remember, The Willows has people! Let us know if you need anything slipcovered, reupholstered or if you need curtains, pillows or furniture made! We can do it for you!

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Willow Decor said...

Very Fun! I love all the photos!


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