Friday, February 27, 2009

New York in Arizona!

We *heart* NYC. Even though we went during the coldest possible time of year, we loved the fashion, the food, the nightlife, and even *gasp* the subway!

I know, i know - it's a little scary. There are rats, a few people that talk to themselves, and a warm stale air down there that makes you want to hold your breath until you are above ground again - but, truly, it is the heartbeat of NYC and the fastest way to travel! We have pictures we are holding over Bev's head of her actually asleep on the subway train!

With all this subway mania, we thought, how can we bring back a little bit of this underground joy for all of our friends in Arizona? We contemplated making a break for it with a couple of the original signs hanging from the subway stations, but unfortunately, our morals got the best of us and we didn't happen to have any tools on us to pull off such a job.
So, just for you, we had custom NYC subway signage shadowboxed into large-scale artwork for sale now at The Willows. We think they are more fabulous (and much cleaner!) than the real thing!

These pieces are one of a kind - so unless you want to go steal a real subway sign yourself, you better head over to The Willows quickly!

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