Friday, March 27, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

Wow, how about that wind last night! I must say we Willowettes were in a bit of a panic with all that lovely garden furniture waiting outside to bear the brunt of it last night! This morning we showed up armed and ready with lots of windex and paper towels to clean up the mess that mother nature had made! We're so happy the weather took a turn for the better because we had a wonderful turn-out for day one of the sale! Thank you to all that showed up! There is still plenty left for those of you planning on coming tomorrow! We look forward to seeing you at 10am!

Our Willowettes at the store want to see you as well! So after you're done at the garden sale, swing by - we have some delicious new goodies for you to see!
Chocolate Velvet Cake Platter $58

World's Best Cupcakes Platter $58

Silverware and Pinstripe Napkin Set $30

Stationary with Vintage Spoon $20
Vintage 5-pc silver-plate silverware (each set unique!) $27

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