Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Furniture Line!

Come see our new living room in the back room where sale items used to be! It is a-changing! We have cleared out the old, and brought in a "Domino-esque" line of slipcovered furniture that is so affordable! Come check out what is available for order!

Bev is hand-tying burlap with twine for our instant curtain to hide her office space! If you want the real deal (for burlap curtains), let us know, we can have them made for you! Burlap is so beautiful on windows!

This photo is still in the messy phase but can you see the sofa and two chairs? The slipcovers are a modern twist on the classic style we're known for, and we love it!

Ooh la la!!


Lisa Parks said...

I love the new furniture line! I'll plan to pop into the flea market this weekend. How fun!

Kristin Joy said...

Wow!! What a great arrangement of furniture!! Living room area is very important part of every home!!


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