Friday, July 17, 2009

More at Market!

Krista had fun taking pictures in Atlanta this year - with so many inspiring products and showrooms this year, it was hard to say no to anything! We are excited to share with you a few of our favorite things!
What's old becomes new again. We just love these wingback chairs in vintage fabrics!
We saw old books used in so many fun and creative ways - they are a great filler for a space you don't know what to do with. They are also a great way to add height! We saw them tied with twine and ribbon, stacked by the hundreds, and even looped together with an old belt!

Don't you just love the way these old dishes look? Makes us want to take our iron baskets from the store, run down to Ikea and clear out their stock of white bowls!

Recognize these? Our lovely wine vats were sitting in a row with fresh flowers in vintage bottles for a fun and refreshing take!

Who wouldn't love to sit on this bench???

Our favorite frame company with all the darling sayings has created some beautiful new pieces. Don't you just love this collection? I would take "always" "love you" and "forever" and hang them in my bedroom! Can't you just see "dearest" and "darling" in a nursery?

This just sums it all up.

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are? Bring on the black crows and witches hats!

We fell in love with these old key necklaces. Expect to see some in the store soon!
These tapestries were just fun! We would put the owl in a little boy's room - or make a fun office display! Love the globe too - those are definitely back in style so if you hung onto your old globe - kudos! Pull it out and maybe refreshen it up or repurpose it to make it new again. A coat of black paint will do it - or mark with large darts all the places you've visited and stick it in a gameroom! Fun!
We can't wait to show you what's next!

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