Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pip Squeak!

The word "Pip Squeak" might normally be used to describe someone or something quite small, but there is nothing small about this apparel collection that just arrived for summer! Come enjoy one-of-a-kind (truly one each) dresses in cotton and linen as well as darling skirts and scarfs that normally you'd have to go to Paris to find!

Love isn't a strong enough word.

1 comment:

Nytt jobb said...

I just love so many of the things you have in your shop. The blouse (first pitcure here) is just what I like to wear.
Anyhow, it was so fun meeting you in NY. We are now back home in Sweden, back at work. We had a great time in Baton Rouge and NOLA with American football, Lots of music and good food.
If your daughter ever will come to Sweden just let us know. We promise to take good care of her.

Margaretha and P-O from Sweden
(You find me on Facebook, Margaretha Svanstrom)


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