Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a little something for the kids

Next time you have to get a new baby present or a child's birthday gift, don't forget about all the fun little prizes we have for all the little ones in your life.  And would I be crazy if I suggested early Christmas shopping?  When you have as many kids and grandkids as I do, I guess you learn to start thinking ahead.  The above Blabla dolls are a huge favorite among my grandkids.  Little Ruby has an orange hair doll named Carrots and my three year old grandson Finn sleeps with Doggy Baby and Monkey Baby every night.

This tree house is the big family favorite.  I have one in the middle of my playroom and the kids can play with it for hours...

Or maybe you even want to give a little something fun this Halloween other than candy...

Come by and see all the cute little goodies for yourself!
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