Tuesday, October 19, 2010

our last splash

A couple of weeks ago we decided to send summer off in style.  (Is it interesting to anyone else that we say goodbye to summer at the end of September?)  We planned one last dinner by the pool with grilled pizzas, our last pitcher of gin and tonics for the season and kids in the pool for what is likely to be the last time this year (although it has been rather warm again...).  And, because we can't help ourselves around here, Christine and I decided our dinner should have all the lovely touches of an actual dinner party...

Do you think Ruby got more tomatoes on her toast or on the table...

We ate and drank and swam until the moonlight was dim.
It was lovely.

Goodbye, Summer.  You were lots of fun this year.  We'll miss you.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

What a gorgeous setting you have for dinner! Perfect way to say goodbye to Summer.

Rosanne said...

The setting is perfect. When is the Welcome Fall party? (Maybe when it actually feels like fall here!)

janine said...

Hi Bev,

We are just about to start to welcoming Summer here!! Love what you have done to make the get-to-gether even more special. Love the candleabra. Notice the waxed(?) brown paper wrapped around the candles themselves. Stunning effect. The candleabra itself is beautiful. Great everyone had a good time. These are the best days.
Take care
Tasmania, Australia

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful celebration! is that your backyard? its gorgeous! and your kitchen! ah! i love it! i just became a follower and am looking forward to it!


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