Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

What can I say, I heart my kids and grandkids.  We came together again for an amazing Valentine dinner over the weekend.  I am in awe when I look around at all the talent, food, gifts and decor.  Each little something brought by someone different to add their own personal touch.  And yet, I have to say, we know how to let the party begin.  We love it to look nice and it is fun to put it all together in a special way, but once we are all there, we settle in, relax (drinks in hand...) and enjoy the good company and great conversation we always have when we're together.  No more fussing about how things look at that point.  Good, good times were had.  And, as always, my personal favorite, there were plenty of laughs...      

And, of course, we had to throw a game into the mix...

So, uh, what party can we plan next?

(also, a little birdie told me you can see more pictures of this lovely party here and here...  just in case you were wondering...)


trash talk said...

Looks like a great party. I love y'alls kissing booth and quite a bargain for a nickel!

Unknown said...

so sweet!

{jane} said...

the most charming party ever - you have such a darling family.

i pretty much wish i was in it!


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