Wednesday, February 23, 2011

then and now

I have been thinking about these pictures of our home from when we first bought it ever since I posted the pictures from 10 years ago.  Our house was built in the 1940's (old by Phoenix standards) and was designed in a Spanish Colonial ranch style, which was very popular at the time.  The property was completely overgrown and the house was dark, musty and in need of some serious love, yet we saw the potential it held and were excited to make it our own.

And here is our home today (I realize it wasn't the best time of day to take this picture, but it is what it is)...

The front door, then and now.
The garage, then and now.
This was the original master bath, that was also the laundry room.
For those that have enjoyed watching our kitchen remodel,
here is what we started with in the very beginning.
Our living room fireplace, then and now.
How about that red?
The entire front entryway and living room were that color...
Our family room fireplace, then and now.

Well, I think our family might be addicted to remodels as my son and his wife in Chicago are in the midst of one and my other son and his wife here in Phoenix just began demo at their new house in North Central Phoenix (pictures to come!).  Oh, and I am currently working on a condo remodel project...  What can I say, there is something very satisfying in the challenge of seeing potential in an old home and making it your own.

Do you love looking at before and after pictures as much as I do?  Don't you love seeing what interesting new styles people choose for their homes?


Unknown said...

Wow! I'm stunned! You have one hell of a lovely home! It's really inspiring for me, who is in the market to purchase our very first home!

licha20 said...

YES! I l u r v e looking at before-and-afters!!Especially with the older-with-character homes!! I dream for now of living in one someday. *sigh*
Thanks for sharing!!

Rosanne said...

Wow..what a transformation! I love looking at befores & afters too! You've done an amazing job. Our first house was a fixer, our second home was a new build, cookie cutter boring. For our next home I would love to go back to a fixer upper...we're older, wiser and it could be fabulous


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