Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bike shop

One of my favorite places for shopping and dining in California is {The LAB}.  It is this funky little center (known as the anti-mall) with great shops and restaurants (Habana is one of my very favorites!).  In the parking lot at the Lab is this awesome airstream turned bike shop.  I absolutely love the atmosphere this guy has created and will be sure to pick up a bike from him next time I need one.  If you are in the area, be sure to stop by.  And do check out the amazing vintage crates he makes into bike baskets!

I absolutely love his business hours sign.
Do you think we could get away with this at the Willows?

I only have a few days left in beautiful California, any more suggestions on places I absolutely don't want to miss this trip?  I would love a new shop or restaurant to try out!


Unknown said...

the faded awning in la jolla is one of my favs!!

AndeM1 said... ideas...but thanks so much for the beach cottage tours....I am trying to work, but finding it difficult not to keep checking out the tours on your blog......hopefully, I won't get caught!
Luckily if I do...I think the pictures themselves might just get me off the hook!!!

Taylor K said...

My mother just opened a restaurant in Huntington Harbour called the Red Table! It just opened last week and it's amazing.

Let me know if you end up going. It's just a quick jaunt up PCH!

Megan Gray said...

Come over to the Orange Circle, you will LOVE it! Thanks for the great pics of the cottage and I hope to run into you someday!

dimestorepretty said...

In Encinitas I love Grounded and Bon Bon in Solano Beach. Gardenology is also in Encinitas and an easy favorite I am sure you will love if you haven't yet been.

Unknown said...
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