Monday, August 1, 2011

being sneaky

Well, well, it was Bev's birthday yesterday, so we wanted to sneak on here and wish her the happiest of birthdays!  Here's to a grand year ahead!  We also got our hands on this certificate awarded to Bev in 8th grade for being the "neatest dresser."  Looks like she has always been the most fashionable!

and, just for fun, another fabulous picture that fell into our hands...

Neatest dresser, indeed.
Happy, happy birthday, Bev!  We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday snazzy dresser you!

M Weisse said...

Happy Mutual Birthday Bev! Do you still have that outfit so that I can borrow it sometime?

Sush said...

Happy Birthday to The Leader of The Pack!

fanciful no.2 said...

happy birthday! loves and kisses!


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