Thursday, August 18, 2011

lux central

For those who haven't heard, the new Lux Central just opened here in Phoenix last week (there was a huge write-up in the Arizona Republic last weekend).  And, like many others, I am totally hooked.  First of all, my no. 1 favorite oldest daughter Christine is one of the amazing pastry chefs there (formerly of the beloved Palatte...).  I like to think of myself as a Christine groupie...  I just can't get enough.  Anyway, they are doing all sorts of delicious new food dishes to satisfy your breakfast, lunch and dinner cravings.  For example, the drool-worthy egg bake I just ate for breakfast this morning...  mmmm.  They have an ever-rotating menu of what is in season, what they can get local and whatever suits the chefs' whim.  And now with their impressive new bar, I think Lux would make the very best date night.  Order some appetizers and a cocktail and enjoy the ambiance and decor.  Oh, and speaking of the decor, bring your cozy blanket and your favorite pillow because you won't ever want to leave.  It somehow manages to be sleek, modern, rustic and cozy all at once...  you will feel at home there no matter what.  And as the little girls drool over the pink couches and chairs, I continue to drool over the little turquoise sofa...  Do you think they would notice if I wheeled it out on a dolly?  

If you are in the area, do go pay a visit!  You won't be sorry you did!

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