Wednesday, February 1, 2012

more from new york!

Oh, my.  Sometimes I forget how much I love this city.  We were busy, busy yesterday at mart buying so many treasures for the store.  The mart has such great energy, it just keeps you going all day.  The apparel showrooms are my absolute favorite.  They make you feel so energized about their products.  All tried and true with a city twist!  The B.D. Baggies showroom, in particular, is just gorgeous.  I am so excited about all our new purchases!  I swear there is just something about this city that turns on your inner creativity (and, of course, the wine and spirits help, too...).  Every time I am here I feel like it shakes something inside of me into remembering how much I love my job.  It challenges me to connect with my customers, to take them forward.  I cannot wait to share everything we have found back at the store.  Oh, did I mention I love New York?

outside the Stella McCartney shop in SoHo.
A delicious lunch at The Dutch in SoHo.
Of course, we followed up lunch with coffee and cookies at this lovely cafe.
A real bunny in the window of this SoHo shop...  only in New York!
A beautiful little chocolate shop to get our chocolate fix!
An amazing new designer coming soon to the Willows.
Dinner at Mario Batali's new restaurant.

Until tomorrow!

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