Wednesday, February 22, 2012

redecorating girls' rooms

The Willows' Design Team recently had the wonderful experience of redecorating two girls' bedrooms for one of our lovely clients' daughters.  I just have to say, what an amazing team we have.  Every time I work with these people I am inspired and amazed.  I thought I would share a little peek at what we did.  Our main goal was to create their personality into their rooms without being too typical, while at the same time giving them something that could transition into their teen years.  We were starting with pink, little girl rooms and, hopefully, have ended up with something a little more original that transcends any one stage of childhood.  The bedding especially can transition from little girl to teen to one day visiting college grad.  It's colorful without being childish and as soft and cozy as anyone would want.  The rugs, too, are totally kid-friendly (and pet-friendly) without looking like they belong in a child's room.  They will stand up against the spills of today with friends, nail polish, etc. and still look relevant as the girls get older.  As for creating based on their personalities, the first daughter is an avid reader and we wanted to give her a space for that.  We turned her old dollhouse into a bookshelf (we tried to repurpose as much as we could with what they already had in their rooms) and made a cozy little reading nook for her.  The second daughter loves to sing and dance and entertain, so we came up with a little stage for the corner of her room.  Between our colorista, Lisa Nicodemus with Visual Advantage Studio (who painted the bathrooms, the stage, etc.), our metal man Tom Tuberty (who did all the custom metal work we needed), Meg and Michael Elmore of Signature Restoration (a custom carpentry company that built our stage, the chalkboard, etc.) and the rest of our Willows' Design Team, I am so impressed with how it all came together and what we created that I just wanted to share with you all...

And there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed the peek!

For any questions on any of the products or to contact our Design Team, please call the Willows at (602) 334-1345 or email us at
For Lisa Nicodemus of Visual Advantage Studio call (480) 945-4445 or email at
For Tom Tuberty call (480) 213-4982 or email at
For Signature Restoration call Meg and Michael Elmore at (480) 375-1310.
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Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful job with both rooms. Love the color schemes and how you captured each girls' personality!



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