Monday, June 11, 2012

chestnut lane pop-up!

We couldn't be more excited!
Pop-Up Event to Celebrate the Return of 
Chestnut Lane
Thursday, June 14
from 11am - 1pm
Right here at the Willows!
Can't wait to see you there!

Check out the pop-up menu here!
This is an event you won't want to miss!

What do you do when your favorite restaurant closes?  You do what sisters Marissa Hochman and Kirsten Steele did…you reopen it! 

Arcadia residents Hochman and Steele  are relaunching foodie favorite Chestnut Lane with a Pop-Up Event at the Willows on June 14th.   Thereafter, Chestnut Lane will be available for catering until the duo secures a new location.  “We just wanted to bring back the homestyle goodness and charm that we loved so much at Chestnut Lane,” commented Hochman , “and by the response that we have received so far, we weren’t the only ones who missed Chestnut!”   

Hochman and Steele share a vision of relocating Chestnut Lane near the previous location at 44th Street and Camelback. “ We really want to find a space that is a bit larger and that will have room for a wine bar and a dedicated area for children,” said Steele.  Both women are busy young Moms, but they have always had a dream of opening a restaurant together.  Hochman came up with the idea of approaching Polly Levine, the original owner of Chestnut Lane, to try and persuade her to reopen. But with time, the idea was fostered that Hochman and Steele would reopen Chestnut with Levine’s guidance.  “Working with Polly has been nothing short of pleasure.  She is hands on and committed to teaching us how to continue forward with all the Chestnut Lane favorites,” noted Hochman.  “In fact, just yesterday, we spent the afternoon in her kitchen mastering the chocolate chip cookie recipe and we all had so much fun.”  

More pop-ups are coming, but in the meantime, remember Chestnut Lane for all your party needs or to fill your refrigerator this summer when it is too hot to cook!  Stop by the Willows on June 14th and get a taste of the original Chestnut Lane goodness.  For more information visit

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