Tuesday, June 5, 2012

number 17

Well, grandchild number 17 has finally arrived!
We are so excited to welcome Dorothy Cecilia to the family!
Little Dot is just beautiful and we couldn't all love her more!
Congratulations, Pete and Emily!

Now we are on baby watch again, waiting for number 18!
What good little friends these cousins will be!


Amanda said...

Congratulations, she's a beauty. You are so blessed.

sugar Creek said...

So beautiful and I love her name! We are expecting our first grandson in Oct. Can't hardly wait!

Lana said...

Congratulations! How wonderful to have 17 grandchildren with 18 on the way. I don't have any yet, but hope to someday. Babies are such an amazing gift. Looking at them and holding them just makes you forget about everything else.


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