Thursday, July 26, 2012

flea markets still have my heart

I honestly don't think I will ever tire of spending an early Sunday morning at the flea market.  I could go every single week and be excited every single time.  The new little treasures you discover make every visit unique.  And nothing beats the feeling when you are searching for something specific and you finally come across it.  I just spent a lovely morning last weekend at the Santa Monica Flea Market and am already planning for the 5th Sunday at Long Beach.  Who's with me?

Don't you think all those boxes stacked together would make such a cool display for a shop?  They could also be really great in a teen's room.  So many possibilities...


Unknown said...

Love your blog so much & your store. I'm headed over to Long Beach for their big sale on the 5th Sunday of September - bringing 2 friends & a big truck. Always in the hunt for great ephemera.

Unknown said...

Hi Bev,
I need three of those stacking boxes to stash my kid's art supplies :-) Did you pick some up for the shop?
Erin :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Bev,
I'd love three of those stacking boxes to store my kids art supplies! Did you pick up some for the store?
Thanks, Erin


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