Wednesday, October 17, 2012

another california road trip

Last weekend Susan and I decided we needed to hop in the truck and head over to California to find some good treasures for the store.  As usual, we found so much goodness, the truck was busting at the seams as it hit the road back to Phoenix.  Poor, me, I actually had to stay in California to head to the mart this week to do some apparel shopping with Mary.  Rough life, I know.  While we were in Newport, we had to hit up Pizzeria Mozza to try their raved about pizzas using Phoenix's own Chris Bianco's tomatoes.  Mmmm, mmm good.  Definitely put it on your list next time you are in the Newport Area.  I am sure we will come back from market with all sorts of new wonderful apparel items, as well, so keep a lookout around the shop!  We are always getting new things in and they are always flying right out!

Hi, ho!  Off to work we go!  I swear, we are working, not just drinking...

Be back soon!

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