Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pumpkins and white house

Our new neighbors at the Union, White House Flowers brought us some lovely pumpkins for Fall!  They went so quickly, Mary and I decided to pick some more up on our way home from California last week.  We shoved them in anywhere they could fit in our already packed truck.  Some even rode home on Mary's lap!  We couldn't help but try to get the biggest ones they had.  Nothing like going to a pumpkin patch in October to get you in the mood of the season!  Already we only have a few left in the shop, so hurry in if you are hoping to grab one, or check out what is available at White House!  Happy Fall!  So glad you are finally here!

p.s. I thought I would just throw this big ol' pumpkin in the back of my truck all by myself...

Just kidding.  It took three large men to get it in my truck!

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