Thursday, September 26, 2013

new york and boston

After Maine, my husband and I headed to New York and Boston for a few days each before heading back west.  We took along our youngest daughter Emily (whose blog I stole all these pictures from... go check it out for more!), as she is our only one at home these days...  Sometimes I still can't believe it.
Anyway... we were actually in New York for 9/11 which was incredible.  And, as usual, I managed to pretty much eat my way through that city.  There is just too much good stuff to be had in New York.  Ok, we ate a lot in Boston, too.  That's what traveling is for, right?  Boston was wonderful.  We saw lots of the historic sights and visited Harvard.  We shopped and ate and walked all around.  It was a wonderful week after the wedding! 
But we are glad to finally be home!

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