Thursday, September 19, 2013

textiles and sewing (my love for linen)

Getting married young was the beginning of my love for sewing.  If I wanted the family to have nice clothes, I was going to have to perfect the art on my own.  So, I guess you could say, I happened upon what would become an ever-growing love of textiles.  I learned quickly, through trial and error, what fabrics have the right feel and touch, and what works best for each particular dress or pillow I might have been making at the time.
I learned to love the natural fabrics and, over time, it was linen which captured my heart most of all.  This became my most treasured textile; one which I discovered had an enormous amount of possibilities in the home.  Not only amazingly gorgeous as bedding, but as a kitchen or bathroom towel or even thrown across a table as a runner... I cannot get enough.  I just love the versatility and variety (i.e. bleached, natural, finely woven, etc.).  In particular a lovely white linen, soft... supple... luxurious, will make my heart skip a beat upon beholding it for the first time. 

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