Friday, February 28, 2014

attention to detail

In the home of one of our favorite design clients, we recently came across the question of what to do with a big blank wall.  We wanted to create something that was the right scale for the space.  Too many pieces on the wall or trying to cover it in frames just doesn't work.  One big piece is so much better, as we find anything else would simply get lost on such a large wall.  It's all about scale and we needed a piece of furniture to meet the scale of the wall.  Susan Rose of the Willows' Design Team had a brilliant idea for a custom bookshelf.  She drew up the design and added amazing detail to the shelves.  She found an old keystone and had it molded and put into the top of the arches.  She chose the perfect color palette, with the exterior being one color and the interior another.  She paid attention to every single detail, down to what is on the individual shelves.  Each and every shelf has beautiful, unique objects on them, from old leather books and architectural finds to old frames and unusual coral shapes.  Susan's ability to mix the elements is simply stunning.  I just love the use of leather and wood and coral and stone and how they interplay with each other.  Everything in the entire room now flows together.  Once you have a large piece of furniture like this, you in turn need the rest of the furniture to be of the same scale - the large arm chairs, the coffee table... 
There is balance to the whole room.

From inspiration and design...

to a reality...

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Christine said...

Hello! Found you via Pinterest.
Could you share where you got the curved wood or arches for these bookshelvng to es? I've been trying to figure out how to make these, but I'm coming up blank.

These are absolutely lovely shelves. I'm enjoying your site -- you do a great job!
Thanks for your help,


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