Thursday, February 6, 2014

grandparents' day

the sweetest moment.  i love this picture.  ruby and her bop.

For those who don't know, Brian and I have 19 grandchildren (with two more on the way this summer!).  We are so blessed to have all these wonderful children in our lives who we love so dearly and who so sweetly love us back.  A while back we were invited to Grandparent's Day at the grade school of one of our grandchildren.  Each child had drawn a picture of one of their grandparents... guessed it.
That is me as seen through the eyes of my 6 year old granddaughter.  
I love this drawing so much.  I can't decide what my favorite detail is... the collagen lips, the floating eyebrows, the fantastic hair, the purple shirt with a giant flower in the middle...  
Really, I just love all the hearts floating all around.
I certainly am one blessed and very loved Gigi.  

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